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About GRB

Celebrating Ray McCraw’s (Stephanie’s father) birthday. We never had a celebration without a cake!

Granny”…The woman who taught me about baking, life and what it means to touch people’s lives with food.

Granny Ruth and “Pa” Troy McCraw on the “McCraw Farm”

Carrying on the traditions of my Granny Ruth!

How Granny Ruth's

All Came About

Icouldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old. And there I’d be standing on the chair my granny had pulled up beside the kitchen counter so I could “help” her bake. With sifter, bowl, and an abundance of flour at hand, my granny and I were baking…and I absolutely loved it.

I look back today and know she had to be wondering, “How in the world can a child that small get so much flour in so many places?” It’s easy to see today where my love for baking came from, and why this really is…Granny Ruth’s Bakery.

Whether it’s a delicious slice of our freshly baked apple pie, a beautifully decorated cake we’ve designed for that special occasion in your life, or anything in between; every single item is prepared using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients from local suppliers…just like Granny Ruth made it.

You’ll find a little something extra in everything prepared at Granny Ruth’s Bakery…a subtle flavor, the texture, or that special secret ingredient that we hope always brings a warm smile to your face!

And what is the secret ingredient? That’s easy … it’s something I strive to include in every item I prepare. It’s the encouragement, the patience, and the love a grandmother has for her granddaughter. I so hope you can sense it…even taste it. It’s the ingredient that would make my Granny Ruth the proudest.

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or some other special occasion…or even just
the need to taste a really good homemade dessert like your grandmother used to make…let Granny Ruth’s Bakery fill your baking needs. We make every bite sweet
and special!